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“Step-UP Trainer” was invented by a mechanical engineer employed at one of the “Big Three” auto manufacturing companies, in Metro Detroit.  The idea was born out of love for his wife, as she was an avid runner who competed in marathons her whole life UNTIL the consistent “high impact” of running streets started causing pain and inflammation in her joints.  She had to quit running and was looking for a solution that would deliver an above average exercise experience and training without the high impact.  Her loving husband, being an engineer, thought there may be something he could build with perfect anatomical body positioning to deliver the high-level, low impact training his wife desired.

Fast forward to today

3 years in the market place, Step Up Trainer has been refined improving function and reliability to deliver amazing training results and long term reliability.  We have users with over 3,000 hours on their Step Up Trainer with little repairs needed.  Step Up Trainer has been tested, refined and ready to help athletes and physical enthusiast get a training result not able to be achieved on ANY other single machine available today.  This piece of exercise equipment has been proven to be a “low-impact”, actually “NO IMPACT” high performance exercise bike.  It is so versatile, it can be used for: Cross Training, Cardio Interval Training, Leg and Joint Rehab, and Strength Training or Casual Exercise.  Your training level is adjustable based on gear selection, speed, and course selection.  Our Patented Design, use of Full Body Function, and Outdoor & Indoor capability, differentiates us in the market place offering more health and exercise benefits over other individual exercise machines.

Step Up Trainer VS. Stair Stepper, Treadmill, Elliptical or Exercise Bike

The Step Up Trainer is NOT A BIKE, it’s NOT A STAIR STEPPER, it is a Cross Training Machine utilizing full body stepping motion while standing up that just happens to be on wheels.  You are stepping full or half stepping motions (your choice) maximizing leg and buttock exercise. Since you are standing and holding handlebars to steer and pull while stepping, your core body muscles, arms, shoulders, and back muscle groups have constant resistance and movement delivering resistance training using your own body weight. This delivers an amazing training experience utilizing 12 muscle groups.  Multiple machines and weight exercises would be needed to deliver the same exercise to these 12 muscle groups without using the Step Up Trainer.

Top 10 reasons you should own a Step UP Trainer

  1. No impact cardio training, perfect upright ANATOMICAL POSITION
  2. Coasting position with both feet together vs. legs in a scissor position like other exercise bikes.
  3. Standing position, not sitting down requires use of your core body muscles while training.
  4. Step Up Trainer, burns calories 40% faster than traditional training on an exercise bike
  5. Full Body (Upper &Lower) Exercise, building lean muscle mass throughout without weights
  6. Great “Cross-Training”, different than running yet giving that high level workout for peak performance
  7. Great recovery Interval Training exercise.  Because of the Full Body function needed to ride Step Up Trainer, your cardio is maximized quicker and more repetitively during any workout time-frame improving your health quicker
  8. Save money and time.  Training on Step Up Trainer routinely, will save hundreds of dollars per year and thousands of hours spent exercising having to use multiple machines and weight exercises to achieve the same result.
  9. Reliability. Our pro-type Step Up Trainers, have over 3,000 hours of use on over a 4-year period of time with NO major repairs needed.
  10. Extreme Results without Extreme Exercise.  Of course if you’re training you are going to kick up the gear section, speed, and course difficulty to get maximum training results.  However even when you are not pushing yourself you will achieve amazing training benefits as you are utilizing 12 muscle groups while training with the Step Up Trainer.


Step Up Trainer – Amazing Training Results on 1 machine!

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