Step Up Bike – Full Body Workout

Why Use Step Up Bike for Interval Training?

There are many factors why you should use the Step UP Bike for interval training.  Here are a couple.

1) It’s FUN to ride the Step UP Bike.  Step UP Bike is Fun, disguised as exercise.  If Exercise isn’t fun, it often becomes too much like work keeping most people from starting or staying on a regular workout schedule.  Those who work out regularly often get bored with the same old routines.  Riding Step UP gets you outside, you can take it on multiple courses, the breeze in your face cools you as you ride high up in perfect anatomical position.

2) You achieve maximum cardio and interval training without having to perform an extreme exercise or use multiple pieces of work out equipment, weights, balls, or benches.  Step UP Bike gives you a full body workout using 12 different muscle groups (see charts), which escalates your cardio quickly, at which point you can coast or ease up your pace using your own body weight to keep stepping for your recovery period. The Mayo Clinic talks about the advantages and risks associated with interval training.   They specifically stating, “Interval training isn’t appropriate for everyone. If you have a chronic health condition or haven’t been exercising regularly, consult your doctor before trying any type of interval training. Recent studies suggest, however, that interval training can be used safely for short periods even in individuals with heart disease. “  They go on to say that strenuous works “may injure your muscles, tendons or bones”.

Riding Step UP Bike, reduces these risks because:

  • Your feet are firmly positioned on the pedals delivering NO IMPACT to your joints or applying excessive strain to your tendons or bones.
  • You coast in perfect upright anatomical position.
  • You can use our Step UP Electric Assist model to assist you when needed if you are a beginner or worried that any type of Interval Training will be too difficult. The electric assist will propel the bike with a simple throttle control providing relief when needed, never having to exert yourself too much and risk injury or excessive breathing.

3) Time & Convenience.  Step UP Bike allows you to step outside your home and ride in your neighborhood without having to drive to the gym.  In 30 short minutes you can ride several miles utilizing full body exercise and achieve maximum calorie burn in less time over other methods of exercise.  Even the gym having to use multiple machines to get the same workout!

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