Step Up Bike for Casual Bike Riding

Riding a bike is a childhood experience that stays with you for a lifetime. Today bike riding is becoming more and more popular as a non-impact exercise to lose weight and increase overall health.  Bike paths are integrated across communities more than ever for riders to utilize and enjoy bike riding.  In urban settings, bikes are becoming commonly used for commuting as well.

Step UP Bike is exercise disguised as FUN! The Step UP Bike ride delivers more of a full body workout over a traditional bike ride because you are standing up and stepping vs. sitting down and peddling.  You also avoid the pains that traditional bike positioning can cause.  See Diagram.  Also see  our videos showing the Step UP Bike riding positioning.  The fun of riding is increased because of the correct “Ergonomic Positioning” when riding.  Interestingly enough, riding the Step UP Bike also burns 40% more calories than a traditional bike because of the extra muscle groups that are being activated during the activity. (assuming you don’t use the electric assist).

We have several models to fit the needs and purpose of all bike and exercise enthusiasts.

  1. Step UP Classic – Combines a stair stepper and a bike.
  2. Step UP Performance – Features high performance gears and tires for cross-training
  3. Step UP Electric Assist – is perfect for those who wish to commute, those who have a hilly course, or those who want that assist as a workout partner to keep you going if you get fatigued.
  4. Step Up MAX – includes high performance gears, tires, and electric assist.

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